08 April 2009

Call for submissions, Stripburger #52

Dragi striparji!

Nabor za številko 49 se je zaključil, Vas pa vabimo, da pošljete svoje stripe za naslednjo redno, 52. cifro revije Stripburger. Tema je tokrat poljubna, zaradi prisotnosti večjega števila čeških avtorjev (češki blok), pa lahko svoje stripe tematsko obarvate s to izjemno zanimivo slovansko državo. Zadnji rok za oddajo je 31. avgust 2009!

V imenu uredništva,

Domen Finžgar

Dear comic artists!

Call for submissions for the 49. issue is closed. You are all welcomed to send your comics for the next regular, 52. issue of Stripburger, that will be released this autumn. You can chose your own theme this time, but because of the Czech secion that will be present in the issue, you can consider drawing something in connection with this fascinating Slavic country. The deadline is 31. August 2009! Special invitation goes to all Czech authors!

Best wishes,

Domen Finžgar, editor


Mário Cau said...

What are the specifications of the stories? Which size, colores or black and white, how many pages...?

patati said...

hi! I´d also like to know the specifications...color? How many pages? Do foreign people get a copy of the publication, in case their work gets included?

Bira said...

I would like to know the same thing as Mario And Patati have asked you!
Best wishes from Brazil

Stripburger said...

Dear contributors, if you have
questions concerning submission
specifications, please write to me using this mail:


As for the questions you have posted
so far:

1. size: 27 x 19 cm (portrait)
2. black & white/grayscale only
3. lenght: depending on the quality of the story, anything up to 20 pages ... First-time contributors should keep their comics UNDER 5 PAGES, though
4. All authors included in the magazine get 2 free copies

Thanks for your interest.

Gasper Rus,
Stripburger's editor

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