25 July 2006

Robo obsession yields not!

...as does not this wretched heat.

Ech. Seems like we're stuck in a loop of groundhog-day-like siesta.
Spaniards know.
Anyway, here are some of my most recent doodles, por favor.

17 July 2006

Skizzen aus Novi Sad

these are from our trip to Novi Sad (Exit festival)
The both robots were on the tshirts we sold like they were hot buns! (well not exactly, but still).

The first sketch represents two typical visitors of the Stripburger comic stand.

07 July 2006

Stripburger na Exitu

V sklopu Stripanzive - stripovske sekcije Exita - se predstavlja tudi Stripburger. Stripanziva se nahaja blizu Reaggea stejdza, poleg Stripburgerja pa so tu se Slic, SKC, Komikaze in Silent Wall. Izdelovanje majic, dzem sessioni, stant s stripi.

Stripanziva - a part of the Exit festival in Novi Sad - is hosting number of alternative comics collectives from ex-Yu, including Slic, SKC, Silent Wall, Komikaze, and yours truly, Stripoburger. Next to Reaggea stage!!!
Ales Marusic na Exitu v sklopu razstave SILENT WALL