25 September 2006

You Crane

Par frisnih fotk iz ukrajinskega dela Galicije.


Matej de Cecco said...

vewy nays

Anonymous said...

ehi striburgers!
some body knows who are selected for the next stripburger and when it will be out???

Ana said...

bonjour J! don't know if you'll see my comment, but i'd just like to say it was nice to have you "find" me again at the cyberspace. :-) hope to have news from you (i sent you an e-mail but to your university address - don't know if you still work there).

see ya!!

ana p.

matthias said...

oi jakob ja estou em nova iorque!
will do sketches too!
best, matthias.

Anonymous said...

Good day! 

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Anonymous said...

Hi there 

what is your favorite color of....mine is pink!

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See you soon! Girly Girl 

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